South-Auckland - Where to go and what to see

When we moved to Auckland in early September last year, we never imagined that 5 months later we are only half way through our travel plans. I mean yes, we have visited many different sights in and around Auckland, but there are still a lot of great places around Auckland…
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Kiwi post logo by Estralians 🥝

After reading some news from my LinkedIn wall, I learned that New Zealand Post has created a new logo and marketing campaign that cost $15’000’000 New Zealand Dollars. Here is the article that I found: NZ Post spends $15 million on a new look to unite its courier…

First 7 hours in Coron, Palawan

Approaching Palawan Before landing to Coron all you can see are mountains after mountains. Viewing from the plane, you can also see a few small houses hidden away between those green mountain valleys. Getting to lower altitude you’ll notice that there appears to be…

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