Baguio through the eyes of Estralians

Baguio, formerly known as the City of Pines, is located in North Luzon, the Cordilleras area. It is also known as the summer capital of the Philippines. Now if you think that this means that it has a nice warm climate, white sandy beaches, and clear blue waters then you…

First 7 hours in Coron, Palawan

Approaching Palawan Before landing to Coron all you can see are mountains after mountains. Viewing from the plane, you can also see a few small houses hidden away between those green mountain valleys. Getting to lower altitude you’ll notice that there appears to be…

A Hidden gem in Baguio

After a two hour trip with our motorbike, we had reached our first destination in Baguio. When booking a place for the first two days our goal was to find a place with a fast internet connection (as we do a lot of work online) and on-site restaurant/cafe. The following place…

Estralians past adventures

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