First 7 hours in Coron, Palawan

Approaching Palawan Before landing to Coron all you can see are mountains after mountains. Viewing from the plane, you can also see a few small houses hidden away between those green mountain valleys. Getting to lower altitude you’ll notice that there appears to be…

Visit Auckland – must do things in Auckland, New Zealand

Kia ora and welcome to the biggest and most populated city in New Zealand. As a matter of fact, Auckland has a larger population than the whole of South Island. A drive from North Auckland to South Auckland can take you as long as 2 hours, depending on the traffic. That…

Looking for our own paradise - North Busuanga in Coron

Four days after we landed in Coron we decided to go for a bit of an adventure. As mentioned in our “Estralians are off to Coron” blog post, our goal was to discover some hidden gems in Coron. Our first discovery trip took us to the North Coast. To get to North…

Estralians past adventures

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