Welcome to Wellington - The windiest city in the world

Although Wellington is not the biggest city in New Zealand, it is the capital. (It’s amazing how many people think that Auckland is the capital of New Zealand). Besides being the capital, it is also the windiest city in the world. We’ve stayed in Wellington for 5…
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Kiwi post logo by Estralians 🥝

After reading some news from my LinkedIn wall, I learned that New Zealand Post has created a new logo and marketing campaign that cost $15’000’000 New Zealand Dollars. Here is the article that I found: NZ Post spends $15 million on a new look to unite its courier…
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The country goes to a lockdown on the day Estralians holiday in Samoa began

Why did we choose to have our holiday in Samoa Ever since moving to down under in 2011, we have tried to explore as many parts of Asia and Oceania as possible. Since then, we’ve lived and travelled in Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia…

Estralians past adventures

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