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Kiwi post logo by Estralians 🥝

After reading some news from my LinkedIn wall, I learned that New Zealand Post has created a new logo and marketing campaign that cost $15’000’000 New Zealand Dollars. Here is the article that I found: NZ Post spends $15 million on a new look to unite its courier…

Wandering in Northland, New Zealand - swimming amongst stingrays and sharks

Summer has arrived to New Zealand. The weather has been amazing for a while and it’s time to go and discover Northland. For this trip we are going to take 4 days and we will be driving through the Twin Coast Discovery Highway. During this trip we will discover…

The Ultimate Coron Island Hopping tour

How’s the weather hun It is 7:30 am on Saturday morning alarm clock has just gone off. Simon pulled back the curtains to check the weather (for the past few days it’s just been raining due to the Typhoon near Manila). Thankfully it wasn’t raining, but…

Estralians past adventures

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