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Climbing Mt Arayat, Philippines

When living in the Philippines, every day when we opened our front door, the first thing to catch our eye was a 1026 meter high basaltic volcano, named Mt Arayat. Being surrounded with flat land, it seemed so glorious and even a bit dangerous. I guess that the feeling of…

Discovering Piha and Karekare, New Zealand

For Estralians, a weekend wouldn’t be a successful weekend without a road trip. So, when our newly made friend Renar called us and invited us for a road trip to the west coast we didn’t think twice. I mean the area where he wanted to go had been on our list for a while…

The Ultimate Coron Island Hopping tour

How’s the weather hun It is 7:30 am on Saturday morning alarm clock has just gone off. Simon pulled back the curtains to check the weather (for the past few days it’s just been raining due to the Typhoon near Manila). Thankfully it wasn’t raining, but…

Estralians past adventures

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