Places to visit in Baguio

List of places to go while in Baguio Colors of StobosaThe Bell ChurchLa Trinidad Strawberry FarmTam-Awan VillageMines View Park & Good Shepherd Convent Baguio Botanical GardenWright Park in BaguioThe MansionCamp John HayBurnham Park in Baguio Night Market in…
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The Easter Monday Earthquake in The Philippines

Living in-between two volcanoes – Earthquake in Philippines Back in 2018, when we were thinking about moving to Philippines, we were well aware that it is quite a dangerous place to live in. Not because of crime or terrorism but because of natural disasters that…
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The country goes to a lockdown on the day Estralians holiday in Samoa began

Why did we choose to have our holiday in Samoa Ever since moving to down under in 2011, we have tried to explore as many parts of Asia and Oceania as possible. So far we’ve lived and travelled in Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Philippines…

Estralians past adventures

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