16 Places where to eat in Coron, Palawan

Manggis Coron Menue

Estralians visited Coron for 12 days. Turing this time we visited 18 places where to eat in Coron. With this blog post, we are trying to give a bit of an overview of the places we think are worth visiting and places you should avoid.

Touchwood Cafe – The best place to eat breakfast in Coron

Touch Wood Cafe is a cute little place on the Coron- Busuanga Rd (50m from Angel Motorcycle). The place had a great atmosphere and was nice and cold (they have aircon).

For breakfast, we ordered 2 combos of American Breakfast with fruit and coffee (220 PHP per combo). We were very happy with our brekky. The portion size was perfect, bacon was crispy and eggs weren’t as greasy as in all the other places. For lunch, we had Korean Noodles and Coco-Banana Waffle. We weren’t that impressed with those dishes. They tasted just average.

The girls in Touch Wood were very friendly and polite so it was a pleasure to eat there.

Estralians conclusion: It became our favorite place for breakfast. Unfortunately, the wifi wasn’t really working and mobile internet was very poor so it wasn’t a good place for digital nomads.

Highlight: Best atmosphere out of all the cafés in Coron.
Lowlight: After we finished eating they didn’t bother removing our plates until we placed them to a neighboring table.

La Morena Cafe – One of the most kid-friendly places to eat in Coron

La Morena Cafe is a small coffee shop on Coron-Busuanga Rd (across the road from Big Mamas place). We arrived around 8:30 AM and were the only customers in the cafe.

At first glance, we weren’t sure whether the place is opened for customers. It looked like they were renovating because there were heaps of wooden planks on the floor and the only person we saw was a handyman. After the handyman confirmed that they are opened we took the stairs to the second floor and sat down.

The service was average but quick. It took around a minute to receive menus, 5 min to get coffee and 12 for food.

For breakfast, we ordered the American breakfast with freshly brewed coffee (made with French coffee beans). The eggs were a bit salty for our liking but the bacon was nice and crispy like we asked. We loved the touch of fried potato cubes on the side. The coffee was strong enough to wake up even the slowest risers.

For lunch, we ordered Chicken Curry and Pasta Bolognese. The pasta was a bit overcooked but the meat sauce was good. Curry had a nice flavor but looked a bit curdled and didn’t have any spice.

Estralians conclusion: It is an okay place for breakfast before an island-hopping tour or for a quick lunch in between your activities. For digital nomads who would like to get some work done it isn’t the best place. The windows are opened and the noise from traffic is very loud. Also, the wifi was very poor and there was no aircon.

Prices are a bit more expensive than in other cafes in Coron that have aircon.

Highlight: +4G mobile reception (Smart)
Lowlight: Very poor internet

Tea and Shake Cafe

Another small coffee shop along Coron-Busuanga Rd. They have a very small sitting area with only 3 tables plus some window seats. As we needed to make a business call in a quiet place this looked like a good spot. Unfortunately, the internet wasn’t agreeing with us. Wifi was very slow and the mobile internet (smart) was choppy.

Although the wifi and mobile internet reception were poor we decided to stay and try their coffee and mango smoothie. Both drinks were quite satisfying and affordable (110PHP for coffee and 120 PHP for a smoothie).

While we were enjoying our drinks we saw a young guy trying to steal our bike. We knocked on the window and pointed his attention to a black bike parked in front of our scooter. He then realized that the pink bike he was trying to start was not his…LOL

Highlight: Helpful staff
Lowlight: Bad internet

Places to eat in Coron

The Summer Cafe & Bar

Summer Cafe is located on Coron-Busuanga Rd. It is a two-story place with nice interior and good music. We won’t be able to review the food and service in the Summer Cafe because we decided not to stay there. Reason being, they had the most expensive prices and even the mobile internet (that we needed to work) wasn’t working.

Highlight: Clean
Lowlight: One of the most expensive coffee shops in Coron


A nice modern coffee shop with a variety of cakes and good coffee. They also have a small food menu (for vegans and for bacon lovers). As we didn’t have any mobile internet reception (to work) while in EPIC, we decided not to stay for breakfast and had only coffee and a cake instead.

Highlight: Delicious cakes
Lowlight: Very noise

Get Real Bar & Restaurant – The funkiest place to eat in Coron

We stumbled on Get Real Bar on our first night in Coron. We were quite hungry and didn’t want to spend much time looking for the perfect place. So instead, we chose a place where we saw someone eating a burger. (Burger is always a safe choice with Simon.)

We ordered the Angus Burger Sliders and a Chicken and Mushroom Pesto pasta in a company of some San Miguel. Simon was extremely happy with his burgers. He said that the sliders were “finger-licking good”. The pasta that I ordered was nice and al dente and had a good flavour. On another night we ordered the Butter Garlic Lime Seared Salmon and a Spicy Burrito. Once again, we weren’t disappointed as our food was masarap.

Highlight: Awesome wall murals
Lowlight: On our second visit we wanted to try their Adobo, but they didn’t have it on that night.

Sunburn Rooftop Lounge – One of the best place to enjoy sunset in Coron

Sunburn Rooftop Lounge is located in Coron-Busuanga Rd on the roof of 4:13 hotel. There is no elevator on the building so to get up to the rooftop you have to climb the 6 floors. That said, it is still better than the 724 steps that you have to take to hike MT Tapyas for sunset 😉

Anyway, if you are looking for a good spot for sunset and cocktails then Sunburn Rooftop Lounge is a good choice. It has a nice ambient atmosphere and good music. There are also some beanbags available for sitting and relaxing.

Cocktails start from 180 PHP up to 260 PHP for Estralians favorite – Long Island Ice Tea. They don’t have a food menu, but apparently, you can bring your own…???…hmmm

Highlight: The sunset
Lowlight: No elevator

Sunset in Coron

Blue Moon Restobar – One of the worst place to eat in Coron

Blue Moon is conveniently located in the centre of Coron town. It has a huge sitting area and free WIFI (that does not work).

We went to Blue Moon for a quick lunch in between our busy daily schedule. The menu looked pretty good with a wide variety of dishes for resto-bar. We ordered Bacon Pizza with Mushrooms and some drinks. As it was a resto-bar we didn’t have high expectations but we also didn’t expect to receive a frozen pizza with canned mushrooms…vastik.

Estralians conclusion: It might be a good place to hang out with friends and sip away happy-hour drinks but not a place to eat good food.

Highlight: Might be a good place for afternoon drinks
Lowlight: Guests are allowed to smoke inside

Altrove Trattoria – The best Italian place to eat in Coron

If you are craving for pizza then there is no better place than Altrove. 50m from the corner of Coron-Busuanga St and Rosario St. you will find the best Italian Restaurant in Coron.

On the first floor, they have a proper pizza oven and you can see the boys flipping around the pizza dough like pros.

The second floor has an inside and outside (veranda) sitting area with a bit of a view over the water. When entering the restaurant, you have to remove your shoes so make sure they don’t stink ay 😉

We ordered Con Prosciutto Crudo pizza and Romana with some wine and a shot of Limoncello (aperitivo). Both pizzas were spot on. Had high-quality toppings and the crust was thin and crispy. Felt like you are in Italy (we know we’ve been there).

The girl who took our order did not have a lot of service knowledge. Although we asked to serve the water first and the wine with the pizza she brought the wine first and took the water to a wrong table. Also, the red wine was served cold and when we asked about whether they have Sangria she had no idea what it is.:D (later on we found out that she was a trainee)

Estralians conclusion: Definitely the best place to visit for Italian food. Has a nice atmosphere and great selection. Service could use some improvements. Wi-Fi doesnt exist in any of the Altrove Restaurants as dining time is the time you should spend eating your food and actually talking to the ones closest to you.

Highlight: One of the best pizza crust we have had
Lowlight: No bench to sit down to put your shoes back on (so make sure you’ll take it easy with the wine :D)

The View Deck – One of our favourite places to eat in Coron

The View Deck is located on the Coron-Busuanga Rd, near the waterfront on the 3rd floor.

We visited the place twice. On our first visit, we ordered Fish and Chips, Pork Tonkatsu and some cocktails. On our second visit, we had Baked Penne, Viewdeck Supreme Burger and Viewdeck Cheesecake. All the meals, except the fish, were really tasty (fish was overcooked).

Estralians conclusion: The View Deck has a good location and great service. It is a good place to enjoy the sunset while eating your din-dins. We also think that they are fairly reasonably priced and have a good menu.

Highlight: Beautiful sunset view
Lowlight: Very unstable electricity. (Although they can cook your meals on the gas stove you might not get your margarita.) The power went out 3 times within 1,2 hours.

Manggis Restaurant – One of the best place to eat in Coron

Hidden away from the busy town centre, in a little boutique hotel, you’ll find Manggis Restaurant.

We ordered Buffalo Chicken Wings and Sweet and Sour Pork with rice. Both dishes were soo good that it left us wanting to return to this restaurant.

The service staff in Manggis Restaurant was very friendly and accommodating. When we got there, we were soaking wet so they offered us some napkins to dry ourselves off. 😀

Highlight: Seriously good food
Lowlight: Couldn’t fault it

Hunt Restaurant – One of the best place to eat in Coron

We went to the Funny Lion Hotel because we read that from 500 PHP per person you can use their pool and have 400PHP restaurant credit. We thought that since the weather was half sunny half rainy it would be a good spot to work and relax.

When we got there, it turned out that the fee to use the pool is 1000PHP and then 500 PHP of that will go toward the restaurant bill. As, 15 minutes after our arrival, it started raining, we decided not to use the deal and just have lunch instead.

We ordered the Black Foie Burger and Pinangat Roulade. The 550 PHP burger was plane and wasn’t worth the price. The 399 PHP braised pork and shrimps, wrapped in taro leaves, on the other hand, was a masterpiece.

Estralians conclusion: If you are a guest in the hotel then you should definitely visit Hunt Restaurant at least once.

Highlight: The service was 5-star worthy
Lowlight: The restaurant looks very nice but in a closer look it is quite filthy and could use some scrubbing 😀

Ala-E Hippie House – The most chill place to eat in Coron

The Hippie Bar is exactly what it sounds. It has a relaxed atmosphere and very chilled out staff. For seating, they have pillows, sofa cushions, and hammocks. To enter the premises, you have to take off your shoes and leave them outside to the shoe pockets, the same ones you see in Bowling Alleys.

They have two menus. One for vegans and one for carnivores :). We ordered the Chicken in Krema Sarsa (250PHP) that according to the menu is good for two people. We asked the waitress if she agrees that it’s good for two and she confirmed it. Just in case we decided to also order some rice on the side.

25 min later when the creamy chicken dish got delivered, we instantly looked at each other and knew that we have to order some more food. The chicken was very tasty but it was far from being enough for two (7 small pieces of chicken).

For our second dish, we ordered the Tinolang Manok (280PHP) with some more rice. This time it took 40 minutes for our order to be completed. While waiting for our food we were drinking our second round of rum cokes so we were not in a rush.

Estralians conclusion: It is a great place to just chill after a long day. You can enjoy good views and catch the glimpse of the sunset while sipping away your rum & coke. Compared with other places, the service was quite slow. If you are very hungry or don’t have patience you are better off somewhere else, but remember Ala-E is a place for chilling.

Highlight: Great ambiance
Lowlight: Cushions were a bit worn-out and stained

KTM Burger

KTM Burger is reviewed as one of the best burger places in Coron. After seeing a review like this we definitely wanted to try their burger.

We ordered the Jalapeno Burger that comes with fries and a glass of ice tea (priced at 299 PHP) and a Burger Steak with rice (149PHP) that also comes with fries and ice tea. The burger had good flavour and a decent amount of sauce but the pattie was too try (it is a shame that they left it on the grill for too long). A bit like a well-done steak :/

Estralians conclusion: They have great flavours and funky decor but if this is the place for best burgers in town the patties should always be cooked to perfection.

Highlight: Patties are being cooked on the grill
Lowlight: Bit of a fly problem

Places to eat in Coron

Santino’s Grill – Best gilled food place to eat in Coron

Santino’s Grill is located a bit further away from Coron downtown so to get there you need to take a trike (unless you have rented a motorbike).

We ordered Half a Slab of Baby Back Ribs (375 PHP) and a Burger. The ribs were soo delicious, soft and juicy. The Burger had one of the sauces that Simon has had (he compared it with Sirius Burger in Estonia).

Estralians conclusion: It is a very good restaurant for grilled food. Although it is not located in downtown it’s 100% worth visiting.

Highlight: The Baby Back Ribs
Lowlight: It takes a bit of effort to get the attention of the service staff

Island Boy Grill

In the middle of the busied intersection in Coron is a place called Island Boy Grill. It is a bamboo/straw style restaurant that has live music and good food.

We visited this place on two different occasions. Once for late-night drinks and the second time for dinner. On the night that we had dinner, we ordered Buttered Garlic Fish (250PHP), some Pork BBQ skewers (50PHP per skewer), Garlic Rice and Canton Guisado (130 PHP). All the dishes we had were just good.

Estralians conclusion: A good place to enjoy fresh seafood BBQ while listening to live music. The service is terrible though. Even though they have like 20 waiters/waitresses it seems that the only way to get their attention is to wave a red flag. Also, it took 23 minutes to get our change.

Highlight: Live music
Lowlight: A lot of street animals were looking for food under the tables and the smell of cat pee was off-putting.

Jelly’s Grill

Jelly’s Grill is located on the corner of Coron-Busuanga Rd and San Augustin St. When we got there around 4 PM there were no other customers. We decided to order from Jelly’s Grill because we were in a rush to see the sunset from top of Mt Tapyas. We assumed that if the place is empty, we’ll get our takeaway quickly (and we weren’t wrong ~6min)

Our order was Chicken with rice and Ribs with rice. The ribs were juicy but Simon wasn’t a fan of the flavour. Chicken, on the other hand, had good flavour but was a bit try. That said it took probably 30 min from the time the food was made until we ate it.

Estralians conclusion: It is a good place if you are after a quick take-away. They have big meals and affordable prices (120 PHP for chicken and 180 PHP for rib meal).

Highlight: Quick service and affordable prices
Lowlight: The interior of the place was a bit boring and there were many flies.

Seadive Resto – The worst place to eat in Coron

At first glance this place doesn’t look bad all all. When we asked for menus to have dinner we got told, “No, there is no dinner. Kitchen is too busy. We make food for other place”. Say what??? 😂 Didn’t get a sorry or alternative option nor polite customer service. We then asked what about tomorrow? Could we have breakfast? The lady said: “Yes okay morning”.

So, the next day we ordered one Filipino Breakfast and one American Breakfast. After ordering the food we sat down and served ourselves two cups of complimentary coffee.

After sitting for 5 minutes we noticed that all the staff members had sat down at a table to have their breakfast including the kitchen staff. This meant, that nobody was preparing our order. About 25 minutes later one of the staff members returned to the kitchen to cook our breakfast. Around 20 min after that, we finally received the meals.

American breakfast had super greasy eggs and the bread was so stale that even after toasting it, it was terrible. The jam they served on the side had a glue-like texture and tasted absolutely disgusting. The only edible thing on the plate was the bacon.

Filipino breakfast was supposed to have garlic rice, pork and an egg. It’s a simple dish that you couldn’t f*ck up, but somehow kitchen staff at the Seadive “Resort” achieved to do so. 🙂 Calling them kitchen staff, and not a chef is because an actual chef would manage this Filipino Classic.

Estralians conclusion: It was by far the worst place we have ever visited. I don’t even know how a place like this is still operating. RUN………..

Highlight: View from the terrace
Lowlight: Everything except the view

Not to eat in Coron

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