First 7 hours in Coron, Palawan

Coron Aerial Shot

Approaching Palawan

Before landing to Coron all you can see are mountains after mountains. Viewing from the plane, you can also see a few small houses hidden away between those green mountain valleys. Getting to lower altitude you’ll notice that there appears to be one main road and some other smaller ones. Traffic on those roads seems to be next to nothing and best of all there is no sight of pollution/smog in the air.

Coron Airport

When stepping out from the plane there is no escape from the hot and humid air. We don’t mind it though. We’ve lived in the Philippines long enough to get used to it. Beats the -30C in Estonia during winter 🙂

Coron Airport has no safety rules and nobody to guide you from the plane to the terminal :D. After taking some pictures (of the planes currently present in the airport) we started walking towards the closest building we saw. After entering through a door that states “Arrivals” we arrived at a completely empty arrivals zone.

Coron Airport

As we sat down, to see if our hotel has responded to our airport transfer request, we notice how all the other arrivals are loaded to different vans in front of the airport. (We have previously read that transfer from the airport to basically anywhere on the island should be 150 PHP per head.)

Getting a van from the airport to Coron down-town

As our Resort had not responded to our e-mails or facebook messages, we left the terminal to figure it out on our own. As soon as we got outside the terminal an older gentleman approached us and started asking where are we going, what hotel are you staying, etc. etc. We told him the name of our Resort to which he asked are you sure that you are staying there, are you sure you have a booking with them, are you 100% sure that you’d like us to take you there. What we were guessing was that there are a lot of tourists who haven’t booked their accommodation before arriving on the island. Anyway, after our brief conversation, he directed us to one of the vans.

roads in coron

Once there was around 8 people in the van, we took off. The driver was a bit of a lead foot like most of the drivers in Asia. It only took 20 minutes to get from the airport to our resort in downtown. That said the journey to town was quite beautiful we were surrounded by thick green jungle

Quick check-in and off to din-dins

After checking in we had a quick shower and headed downtown to get some din dins. As we were quite hungry we didn’t spend much time looking for the perfect place. Instead, we chose a place where we saw someone eating a burger. (Burger is always a safe choice with Simon.)

Burgers at Get Real Cafe in Coron

After munching away our dinner, and relieving our thirst with good ol’ San Miguel Lager, we headed down to Lualhati Park for the sunset.

Our first sunset in Coron

Our first sunset in Coron was as gorgeous as one could expect on a tropical island. We took a breath of fresh air and appreciated the beautiful sunset with mountains and lagoons on the background.

After the sunset, we headed down to a well-known tour office to inquire about their island-hopping prices. We knew that they were probably going to have one of the most expensive prices because of the location, but we just wanted to confirm the prices we had previously Googled. It is also good to know the expensive prices to make sure that we won’t get ripped off elsewhere. #HappensALotInAsia

After a little chat with the nice lady in the tour office, we returned to our accommodation. And yes I’m not using the word resort anymore because the place was a dump and the service even shittier. The only good thing about the place was the sundeck and beautiful views.

That said, we ended our first day in Coron with a nice cold beer on a breezy sundeck….sooooo gooooood.

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