Discovering North Island of New Zealand

North Island, New Zealand

New Zealand is by no doubt one of the most beautiful countries we’ve lived and traveled to. The beautiful flora and fauna that this country has to offer, is absolutely breathtaking. Weather you live in-/ travel to one of its busy cities or stay in a smaller city or little town, you are never too far from scenic views and paddocks full of merino sheep.

Should you visit South Island or North Island of New Zealand?

When people ask which Island (North or South) they should visit, we have always praised the South Island. It’s astonishing glaciers and mountain ranges are just magnificent. The main reason why we’ve done that is also because back in 2013 when we first came to New Zealand, we didn’t do much traveling in the North Island. (Hence didn’t know how beautiful the North Island can be). As a matter of fact, we only visited Auckland, Wellington and the stinky Rotorua and then flew straight to South Island, where we lived for 10 months.

What are we planning to visit in North Island of New Zealand

Fast forward 6 years, (except a short visit in 2017) we are back in New Zealand. This time around we have decided to give North Island a chance. Our plan is to stay in Auckland and during the weekends visit as many places in North Island as possible. We will start with places that are in and around Auckland CBD and Auckland Region (North-, South-, East, West). Down the track we will be making longer road-trips, visiting destinations like Northland, Coromandel Peninsula, Waikato, Tauranga, Taupo, Whanganui etc.

We are opened for our follower’s recommendations and ideas about places, you would like us to visit and write about. So, don’t be shy, leave us a comment below or send a letter to social@estralians.com.au. Alternatively, you can write on our social media https://www.facebook.com/estralians/

Wonder. There is no better way to discover new places then to wonder away and get lost. Like a plastic bag in the wind.

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