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After a two hour trip with our motorbike, we had reached our first destination in Baguio. When booking a place for the first two days our goal was to find a place with a fast internet connection (as we do a lot of work online) and on-site restaurant/cafe. The following place ticked both boxes for us and exceeded all of our expectations, which truly makes it a hidden gem in Baguio. (You can click here to get up to $46 AUD off your first booking with AirBnB)

Estralians Introduce:

Bahri & South of Colombo Bed & Breakfast. A hidden gem in Tuba overviewing Baguio city.

Getting here was a bit of a mission as we couldn’t find the turnoff to the places. We kept riding backward and forwards in the area before I finally stopped literally in front of the turnoff. I started checking Google Maps to figure out where we were. Then Marion pointed out that she thinks that she can see a familiar logo.

We rode up to the ramp and parked the bike. The owner Janith came outside to greet us with another staff member. The check-in was supposed to be 2 PM and we arrived 3 hours early around 11 AM. It wasn’t an issue to check us in early.

Bahri Restaurant

After settling in, we wanted to try the Sri Lankan cuisine advertised on Bahri’s Airbnb page. The restaurant has a great atmosphere and a superb outdoor seating area overlooking Baguio City. If you are looking for inspiration then this is the place you should definitely visit. On a bright, clear & sunny weather, the La Union ocean view can be seen.

Hidden Gem in Baguio
Hidden Gem in Baguio City. Views from Bahri Restaurant

Bahri’s restaurant and food are Instagrammable as you can see from @Estralians & @Bahri_southofcolombo We loved the Sri Lankan Crab Curry & Chicken Curry, just amazing flavors through both plates 😋😋😋 Fingerlickin’ food that truly makes this place a hidden gem in Baguio City. ( Bahri is opened for breakfast, lunch & dinner)

Dessert Baguio

An example of one of Bahri’s Restaurant delicious desserts.
Masarap Po 🙂

South of Colombo B&B

As we mentioned the views from the outside terrace are amazing both day and night. We also loved the cool phenomenon of sitting inside the cloud and having sun 10 minutes later. This circle continued throughout our seating in Bahri restaurant. Janith describes it like this: “Any point in time, the sparkling city lights view can be cloaked with thick, cold, & frosted fog”. “This view best paired with Bahri’s hot chocolate or coffee”.



Rooms vary and largely depend on your budget.
Prices are between 17 – 22 AUD per night. We chose the cheaper option with the shared bathroom as we were only staying for 2 nights. Comfortable room with all the necessities. Perfect for people passing through and needing a place to stay.

Premises & Perks

Free parking, with plenty of room for everyone, both undercover and outside.
For early check-in or late checkout, guests can drop off luggage for convenience.


Unlimited fast internet perfect for Digital Nomads

Conclusion: We enjoyed our stay and definitely recommend this great destination.

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