Hike to Mt Tapyas, Coron – the 724 steps

Mt Tapyas

It’s Friday Baby

It was our 3rd day in Coron. The sun was shining and the temperature was about 30 degrees. We just finished a full day’s of work at the TouchWood Cafe and because it was Friday it was time to let our hair down and start discovering the beautiful island of Coron. Our mission for the day was to find a kayak and hike Mt Tapyas.

Renting a motorbike in Coron

To discover the island we decided to rent a motorbike. We went to Angel Motorcycle Rental and rented a bike for 7 days. Because we wanted to rent a bike for a week, we negotiated the daily 500PHP, price down to 400 PHP per day. It’s also easier to negotiate during Low Season. In most of the places, the motorbike will come with two helmets (nobody really uses them) and a 24/7 contact number in case the bike breaks down.

Rent a bike in Coron

The process of renting a bike in Coron is fairly easy. All you need to do is show your valid driving license and pay the money. Before getting a bike, you have two options for their security. You can either pay a deposit which is usually 2000 PHP or alternatively you can leave one of your valid documents with them. Estralians travel tip: Never leave your passport or drivers license with any rental companies or hotels.

After receiving our hot pink bike, we went back to our hotel and checked-out. For the next two nights (weekend) we had booked us into a Bungalow in the middle of Coron jungle…or at least that’s what we thought (based on the location pin that they had set in Agoda).

In reality, the place was only 4,5km out from the town and 300 m from the main hwy. That said while staying there it still felt like we were away from all the hustle and bustle of the town, surrounded by the sounds of local wildlife.

East Coast, Cabo Beach

After checking in to our new place we headed to a short exploration trip. Our mission for that afternoon was to see if there is a place on the east coast where we could rent a kayak.

We took the road going out from Coron towards the east coast. The road wasn’t too bad as most of it was paved. After about half an hour of riding in-between the local villages (Barangay’s) we found ourselves on a nearby beach, called Cabo Beach (it costs 50 pesos per person to stay on the beach).

As we didn’t see any kayaks on the beach, we had a quick chat with the lady that seemed to collect the payments in there. We got informed that unfortunately, they didn’t have any kayaks for rent. When we asked if she could recommend or direct us to someone who has kayaks she said that there is nobody. (This is smt that we noticed a lot in Coron. Nobody really wanted to help a fellow businessman to make a sell. Or maybe they just really don’t know about other businesses in their neighborhood…..hmmm)

Anyway, after getting a negative answer we decided to end our hunt for the kayak and head back to Coron town. The time was already pretty late (4 pm) to look for another place plus we wanted to be back in Coron by 6 pm to see the sunset from Mt Tapyas.

Hike to Mt Tapyas

At around 5:30 we began the hike. It didn’t take long until we started feeling a bit exhausted. On our way up we saw many struggling tourists catching a breath after every 50 steps. There even was one girl that had probably passed out earlier. She was sitting on the stairs and catching breath (there were heaps of people around her).

It is funny but around halfway up it started feeling a bit easier. Maybe this happened because after 12 minutes your body gets the runners high. It gets used to the rhythm and the breathing gets easier (like when running long distances). Whatever it was, it helped us pass a lot of people and as we both are competitive people, we enjoyed it a lot 😛

Unfortunately, this easy feeling didn’t last long. When we only had 150 steps to go, the heat and the humidity were starting to take their toll on us. We were both sweaty and our shirts were soaking wet. (Make sure to bring some water with you. If you forget to buy water there are plenty of vendors on the way up selling water for the double amount of money.

Reaching the top in 15 minutes

We reached the top in 15 minutes. There were heaps of people at the top as it is a very popular activity. Everyone tried to secure the best spot for their sunset experience. We decided not to stay on the main platform and kept on walking along a path. About 200 meters down the path, we found a small view deck with benches and roof. There was nobody there and it seemed like a perfect spot to enjoy the sunset while eating our dinner (earlier we picked up some takeaway from Jilly’s Grill).

The sunset was truly beautiful. We almost had a 360 view. And because we didn’t stay on the main platform, we managed to avoid the noises coming from all the thrones flying above Mt Tapyas.

Around 7 pm, when we started our hike down from the mountain, the view and colours from the sunset kept changing. It was soooo beautiful. We kept making stops after every 50 steps to make a picture and take it all in. Just magnificent.

Should you hike Mt Tapyas

F%8# yeah. Going up to Mt Tapyas is a full-on exercise. Those 724 steps will surely put your legs and stamina to a test. That said it is 110% worth it. And not just as a onetime thing. You should also head up there for sunrise. It will be the best way to start your day on the beautiful island of Coron. (In case, you are not able to take the hike, we recommend walking down to Lualhati Park for sunset)

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