Places to visit in Baguio

Places to see in Baguio

List of places to go while in Baguio

Colors of Stobosa (Valley of Colors)

Visiting Colours of Stobosa or as better known the Valley of Colours, was one of the highlights of our trip. It is like a picture-perfect spot of many hillside houses painted as one massive canvas. Colors of Stobosa project is made by the Department of Tourism in cooperation with the residents and artists of Tam-Awan Village.
Out of all the places to visit in Baguio, Estralians think that this should be a must-visit place to visit in Baguio.

Distance from Baguio CBD: 4.3 km
Entrance fee: FREE (as of May 2019)

The Bell Church

We decided to visit The Bell Church because it’s very close to the Colors of Stobosa. It is a Taoist temple that spreads over 10 000 square meters. Although the temple was beautiful, it wasn’t anything that we haven’t seen in Asia before. We have seen way too many churches & temples in our life to get amazed about this one. As you don’t have to pay an entrance fee it is still worth visiting if you are in the area.

Places to visit in Baguio

Distance from Baguio CBD: 4.2 km
Entrance fee: FREE (as of May 2019)

La Trinidad Strawberry Farm

The strawberry farm is for people who would like to experience fruit picking. On the farm, you can see strawberries alongside vegetables and flowers. Estralians have picked strawberry’s many times before, therefore we skipped this spot.

Distance from Baguio CBD: 8.7 km
Entrance fee: No entrance fee. Strawberries cost around 250 PHP per kilo and you get to pay 200 PHP to go and pick them yourself. That’s a first, you have to actually pay money to go and do some work 😀 #OnlyInPhilippines
(as of May 2019)

Tam-Awan Village

Tam-Awan Village is a beautiful garden on a hillside. It has different native huts, an art gallery, beautiful scenery, and a coffee shop. It’s built by local artists with the purpose of showcasing the heritage of Cordillera. While there you have an opportunity to purchase the artwork that’s on display. When visiting Tam-Awan Village Estralians recommend eating at the Farmers Daughter Restaurant, which is just down the road.

Places to visit in Baguio

Distance from Baguio CBD: 5.2 km
Entrance fee: 60 PHP pp (as of May 2019)

Mines View Park & Good Shepherd Convent in Baguio

When visiting Mines View Park, you can see spectacular views of the Cordillera mountains. (Unfortunately, it is difficult to enjoy the view as the platform gets very crowded. Picture sardines in a can). If you wish to enjoy the scenery while dining, you can do that in one of the many restaurants or food stands in the area. Besides the view visitors also have a chance to have their picture taken. Loads of people are lining up to sit on pink ponies or get dressed up in Cordillera regalia for a small fee. (Estralians found the colored ponies very disturbing)

Near the Mines View Park, there are many souvenir and silverworks stores where you could purchase pasalubong. As per the Philippines culture, it is a tradition to bring back gifts when returning from your travels. This tradition is called “Pasalubong”. We went to one of the stores and purchased 16 boxes of local treats to give to our Filipino friends back in Angeles City.

While visiting Mines View Park you should also head up to Good Shepherd Convent (300 m). It is a place where you can buy strawberry and ube (purple sweet potato) jams, peanut and cashew brittle (masarap) and some other snacks. Besides all the goodies there is also a nice viewing deck looking over the mountains of the Cordillera range. (More enjoyable then Mines View Park because it wasn’t as busy)

Estralians lvisited Baguio

Distance from Baguio CBD: 4.8 km
Entrance fee: FREE (as of May 2019)

Baguio Botanical Garden

Baguio Botanical Garden is a beautiful park where one could spend all day. There are many hidden paths, sculptures, and attractions to explore. While visiting the park we recommend to dine at The Garden Diner. Botanical Garden is definitely one of the places to visit in Baguio.

Estralians visiting Baguio

Distance from Baguio CBD: 2.9 km
Entrance fee: FREE (as of May 2019)

Wright Park

Not far from the Botanical Garden (400m) is the Wright Park. It’s named after its architect Governor Luke E. Wright who ordered architect Daniel Burnham to build the place with recreational facilities for American soldiers and civilians. Estralians chose not to visit this park because for us botanical garden was a better choice.

Distance from Baguio CBD: 3.3 km
Entrance fee: FREE (as of May 2019)

The Mansion

If you decide to go for a walk in Wright Park, you should also visit The Mansion House. The Mansion is the official summer palace of the President of the Philippines. For some reason, the front gate of the mansion is one of the most visited and photographed landmarks of Baguio. Estralians decided to skip it. When visiting Writs Park, Estralians recommend having lunch in Lemon and Olives. It is a bit of a drive (1,2 km) to get there but it’s worth it.

Distance from Baguio CBD: 4.1 km
Entrance fee: FREE (as of May 2019)

Camp John Hay

In Camp John Hay there are many leisure (like butterfly sanctuary) and sporting activities (like paintball), shopping outlets and food joints. It is a place where one could spend all day. Estralians chose to go for a walk on the Eco trail. We loved the scenic views and the fresh smell of pine trees. You should definitely put this one into your list of places to visit while in Baguio.

Places to visit in Baguio

Distance from Baguio CBD: 2.7 km
Entrance fee: FREE (You have to pay for activities and butterfly sanctuary) (as of May 2019)

Burnham Park in Baguio

Burnham Park, with an area of 32.84 hectares, is a historic urban park located in Baguio downtown. There are many activities available to visitors. For example, you can hire a rowboat or swan to go around the man-made lake. If water activities are not your cup of tea you can enjoy a nice picnic with your family and friends.
Estralians visited the park with a plan to paddle around the lake with a swan. After seeing how busy the lake was we decided to skip this activity and head to Oh My Gulay for lunch instead.

Places to visit in Baguio

In Baguio CBD
Entrance fee: FREE (as of May 2019)

Night Market in Baguio

Every night, from 9 pm till midnight, one of Baguio’s busiest street turns into a night market. Exactly at 9 pm, the police and fire department close the Harrison Road and the fight for the best spots begins. Within 3 minutes the road will be filled with hundreds of ukay-ukay stands. At the market, you can find clothes, shoes, bags, perfumes, all sorts of accessories and cooked food. Prepare to pay anything between 50 – 2500 PHP per item (depending on whether it’s new, reused, designer, fake, etc).
It gets very busy at the market so relax and don’t let the crowd ruin the experience for you 😊
Estralians locked in a few sweet deals on some knock-off Vans & Fila shoes for a total of 500 PHP.

In Baguio CBD
Entrance Fee: FREE (as of May 2019)

Laperal White House

Laperal White House, also known as the haunted house, was built by Roberto Laperal in the 1930s. During World War II, the house got occupied by Japanese soldiers and was used as a base for soldiers. During those times, the troops reportedly raped women, tortured and killed suspected spies. As a result, there are rumors that there have been abnormal sightings spotted near the house.

In 2013 Laperal White House got transformed into a Bamboo Carving Gallery. (Roaming angry spirits from the past is not really Estralians cup of tea so we chose not to visit this place)

Distance from Baguio CBD: 1.8 km
Entrance fee: 50 PHP (as of May 2019)

BenCab Museum

BenCab museum consists of several galleries that exhibit Benedicto Cabrera artwork. Estralians did not visit BenCab Museum. However, we’ve heard that it is a great place to visit for art lovers.

Distance from Baguio CBD: 8 km
Entrance Fee: 120 PHP (as of May 2019)

The Lion Head & Kennon Road View Deck

The Lion’s Head is a huge, carved statue along Kennon Road (one of the main roads leading to Baguio). Lion’s Head measures 12 m in height and is something that one can’t miss when driving to Baguio.
A couple of km from the Lion Head is the Kennon Road View Deck that hosts spectacular views over Baguio City’s mountainous slope. If traveling to Baguio through Kennon Road then this is definitely a place to stop to stretch your legs and get some fresh air.

Places to visit in Baguio

Distance from Baguio CBD: 7 km 21 min
Entrance fee: FREE (as of May 2019)

Binanga Falls

To get to Binanga Falls one has to travel around 13 km out from Baguio. To get there we recommend taking the Shilan – Bekkel Rd (The drive is absolutely beautiful, filled with mountain views). When you get to the trailhead, you need to follow a steep downhill trail (not an easy trail) and from there on it will take you about 10 minutes to reach the falls. The waterfall is not a popular spot to visit so it easy to get lost. We managed to find the place because we met some local youngsters who were on their way to the falls.

Places to see in Baguio

Distance from Baguio CBD: 13.2 km 30 min
Entrance fee: FREE (as of May 2019)


Visiting the city of Tublay is recommended for people who want to get away from the crowded Baguio. Tublay is becoming the next premier ecotourism destination in the Cordillera region. It has many natural caves, waterfalls and tourist spots. (For example, Bayokbok falls, Shamsham falls, Bengaongao and Paterno Cave, Asin Hot Spring, Winaca Eco-Cultural Village)

Distance from Baguio CBD: 20 km 45 min

Northern Blossom in Atok

The Northern Blossom is a plantation for different species of flowers and vegetables. When traveling there one needs to bear in mind that flowers are seasonal and don’t blossom all year round. Therefore, Estralians recommend contacting the farm before heading up there. According to the locals, the best month to visit the place is in April.

Places to visit in Atok

Distance from Baguio CBD: 49 km 1:39 min
Entrance fee: 200 PHP (inclusive of tour guide, bread, and coffee) (as of May 2019)

The (2nd) Highest Point in the Philippine Highway System

2,7 km from the Northern Blossom is the (2nd) Highest Point in the Philippine Highway (7,400 feet from the sea level). Until January 2019 this was the highest point in the Philippine highway system. Since January 2019 the new highest point (7,968.07 feet above sea level) is located in Tinoc, Ifugao.

Distance from Baguio CBD: 52.3 km 1:45 min
Entrance fee: FREE (as of May 2019)

Mt Pulag

Mount Pulag is Luzon’s highest peak at 2,926 meters (9,600 ft) above sea level. It is the third highest mountain in the Philippines, next to Mt Apo and Mt Dulang. Pulag hosts beautiful mountain views and is famous for its “sea of clouds” and the view of the Milky Way during dawn.
It will take around 11h to trek Mt Pulag within one day. However, with a halfway up camping option, most people prefer to make this a two-day event. If deciding to hike Mt Pulag one needs to bring warm clothes. The temperature changes between 14 to 16°C (highest) to 4° to 7° (lowest).

Hiking Mt Pulang

Distance from Baguio CBD: 70 km 2:20 min
Estimated budget DIY: ~2700 PHP (DENR Registration fee 225 PHP, medical certificate 150 PHP, environmental fee 200 PHP, hiking guide 1000 PHP per group, entrance fee for foreigners 800 PHP, own food 325 PHP)

How to get around in Baguio

Transport in Baguio

Driving around in Baguio can be very frustrating and time-consuming. Although there are no tricycles that will stay on your way the traffic jams will surely slow you down. Wondering why are the traffic jams so bad? A city designed for 25 000 people has now reached a population of more than 350 000 people. Therefore, there is no thought that Baguio roads have lost its carrying capacity.
After experiencing Baguio’s traffic first hand, Estralians have put together a list of ways how to get around in Baguio.

  • Estralians choice: Motorbike (cheap, convenient, easy to “fly” past traffic jams)
  • Comfortable way: Car (bear in mind that the traffic is terrible and slow)
  • Cheap way: Jeepney (around 10 PHP per ride)
  • Expensive way: Taxi (90 PHP per/km)
  • Grab (Asian Uber): Bear in mind that the number of available cabs is low. You might have to book for 2 hours in advance.
  • If you are the “let’s stay fit and healthy” type, then you have the option of walking or cycling. However, be warned that walking in Baguio involves a lot of uphill climbs which can very be exhausting and time-consuming.

Where to eat in Baguio

Where to eat in Baguio

Baguio is full of excellent restaurants and hidden gems. While in Baguio, Estralians were able to try 12 of them. Read about places where Estralians recommend eating from our “10 places to eat in Baguio” blog post.

Estralians Travel Tip: Always have cash with you! Although credit cards are accepted in some establishments, cash is king.

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