G’dday peeps 🙂 This is our travel and ideas blog for everyone and anyone to read and comment. Our names are Simon & Marion and we call ourselves Estralians.

The name Estralians came to us years ago during one of our camping trips to Fingal Heads in Australia. Before heading off we had a stopover at the bottle-o where some sales reps were handing out balloons. We decided to grab a few to celebrate our long weekend and upcoming Queensland Day.

Before we started driving, we thought it would be cool to tie some of the balloons to our convertible and have them flapping on the wind.

ibuumerang scam - Estralians

And then the idea struck 💡💡, “We need to write a name on the balloons to state who we are!”.

After a bit of brainstorming we decided to call our group Eastralians. Which stood for Estonians & Australians from East Coast of Australia.

Few years later we moved away from Eastern Australia and it was time to adjust the name. We wanted to keep it as close to the original name as possible. That said we only removed the letter “A”. By doing that we locked in “Estralians”. Estonians in Australia.

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