The Ultimate Coron Island Hopping tour

Twin Lagoon Coron Palawan

How’s the weather hun

It is 7:30 am on Saturday morning alarm clock has just gone off. Simon pulled back the curtains to check the weather (for the past few days it’s just been raining due to the Typhoon near Manila). Thankfully it wasn’t raining, but there wasn’t anything great either. Even though it had been mostly raining for the past 7 days we hadn’t seen the sky that dark for a while.

We kept thinking, oooh nooo why didn’t we go on our Coron island hopping tour last weekend, when the sun was shining and there was no typhoon warning. It seemed like our optimistic approach to everything was not working out this time.

Despite the weather forecast being sh**t we decided to still go ahead with the Coron island hopping tour that we had booked with Arlyn Expeditions Travel & Tours. We had already paid for it and the company said that unless the typhoon hits us, the tour will not get canceled. Plus, for us, it was not an option to skip the island-hoping tour as this was the main reason for visiting Coron.

Anyway as we were waiting for our pick-up in the lobby it started raining. And not just spitting but pouring down. Simon was a bit worried as he gets seasick especially when hitting rough water (he crossed his fingers and hoped that sealegs pills will do their work).

Let the Coron Island Hopping Tour begin 🙂

After waiting for our 8 am pick-up for nearly an hour, finally at 8:47 the trike finally arrived. As we had expected a van to pick us up, we were quite surprised to see a trike instead. Not to worry, at least they came (later on it turned out that the van driver couldn’t find us so they sent one of the ladies from the office with a trike instead).

Simon has done it again

We had just taken off from our hotel and not even 100 meters Simon managed to drop our battery pack out from the trike. To make the matter worse it dropped into a pond of dirty water on the road 🙂 #ClumsySimon

Simon: “She’s apples, don’t worry 😅” #MarionIsNotImpressed

Around 9 am we arrived in the harbor and boarded our boat. We were quite lucky as our boat only had 12 people on it which meant more legroom for everyone. ( We had quite a cool group 🙂 Irish, French – Vietnamese, Filipinos and of course Estralians 🙂 )

At 9:15, after a short briefing, we finally took off. 5 minutes later it stopped raining. For the rest of our trip, there was not a single drop of rain…unbelievable.

Twin Lagoon

As we started approaching our first destination, everyone’s mouth dropped open. We saw absolutely beautiful lagoons surrounded rock walls covered with tropical vegetation. Approaching to Twin Lagoons and seeing the crystal clear water is exactly as advertised. Even on a cloudy day its #instaperfect #nofilterneeded destination.

We swam from our boat to the second lagoon which is about 200 meters away, they look pretty much the same :). After heading back we captured out #photooftheday & #videoftheday for Estralians Instagram followers.

100% suggested a bucket list destination for any traveler.

After an hour and a bit, we decided to head to the next destination.

CYC Beach

CYC Beach Coron

CYC stands for Coron Yacht Club. Can’t say that we saw any yachts around the place plus out of the “ULTIMATE” tour pack this place was the least impressive. The only impressive thing in CYC Beach was this guy with his “7/11 boat” selling snacks and cold beverages (if Estralians could pick a highlight of this destination then this was it).

Prices are reasonable – soda drinks were 50 pesos. Can of beer – 60 pesos and potato chips 40 pesos (with a large variety to choose from). After soaking ourselves in the water a little bit, it was time to head to the next destination

2 in 1 – Skeleton shipwreck and Coral Garden

Marion has seen a few shipwrecks during her travels in Thailand before but for me, it was a new experience.

This Japanese warship wreck is covered with colorful corals and has big groups of fish swimming around it. If you have the money and time, then you should most definitely invest in a diving tour while in Coron. If the other shipwrecks in the area are anything similar to this one then it would be absolutely worth it.

Coron Island Hopping

Besides the shipwreck, just about 50 meters away lies the Coral Garden. Corals look fairly healthy and there is a large variety of marine life swimming around you at all times. Take your time off and just stop at one spot. Observe this phenomenal place for a few minutes by just floating in one spot and see what you’ll notice.

Atwayan Beach

An about 5-minute boat ride away from Coral Garden lies Atawayan beach. Just another beach, nothing special but a great spot for lunch and CR break if needed. Lunch was great, some grilled pork, rice, veggies and plenty of fruit for everyone. Had enough left over to give a few pieces of meat to a cute dog that came to say hello 🙂 There were plenty of cats around as well, but Estralians are not really cat people, dogs are way more likable creatures:)

coron islad hopping tour

Kayangan Lake

Coron Island Hopping

This special destination requires a bit of effort to see its beauty. As our tour guide said, “it is the most beautiful lake in Palawan” (we liked Twin Lagoon more).

About 300 steps uphill to get to the view deck and another 200 something steps down to the lake. The water apparently contains 75% freshwater and 20% sea water and 5% urine according to our tour guide 🙂

We reckon that last one applies for most popular water holes and swimming pools where the ratio of water to urine would be most likely 85% to 15% 😀

coron island hopping tour

Our apologies if we’ve ruined your swimming pool experience. Anyway, the water in the lake is crystal clear like everywhere else around the area. The only downside of this place was the number of people around you and we went there during Low Season (end of June 2019). After soaking ourselves in the urine water for a bit, we went back to the boat to get ready for our last destination for this voyage.

Siete Pecados Marine Park

Last Destination of our Coron Island Hopping Tour didn’t look like much from the distance. Just another spot in the middle of the water.

We noticed signs that said no fish feeding, no littering, and no anchor allowed sticking out from the water. There were a few buoys floating where the boat could tie themselves to.

We jumped in the water and suddenly found ourselves on Coral heaven. So many different colored corals, fish, and other sea creatures. We spent there about 45 minutes swimming backward and forwards the area. This place is absolutely magical and worth every penny 🙂 Can’t believe how well the corals have preserved considering the number of people coming through there.

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