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Kiwi post logo by Estralians 🥝

Featured image Kiwi Post

After reading some news from my LinkedIn wall, I learned that New Zealand Post has created a new logo and marketing campaign that cost $15’000’000 New Zealand Dollars.
Here is the article that I found: NZ Post spends $15 million on a new look to unite its courier brands

Old NZ Post logo VS the new NZ Post logo

After sharing the news with few of my Kiwi buddies at our Crypto Telegram group, I decided to design a quick sketch of the NZ Post logo that would be a bit more suitable. And here is the result:

NZ Post by Estralians
NZ Post by Simon 🙂
Challenge Accepted

Drawing and sketching has never been my strongest suits but I took pride in my work. 🤣🥳 #JobWellDone the team spirit at our public forum decided that I should try to make it into a rugby ball, with silver fern as the wing and turn it into a kiwi bird as well.

Picasso mode ON….Combination of inspiration, PRO tools and determination to create something fresh that would represent the Aotearoa’s mana.

I decided to render the process into a quick clip as well 🙂

Finished product:

Congratulations are in order

The jury doesn’t lie. Mission accopmplished ✋🎤⬇

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