How to get to the surface if your scuba tank runs out of air?

Scuba Tank Running Out of Air

Estralians love snorkeling and diving. That said, heaps of things can go wrong if it is not done correctly. Below are few major tips and tricks.

1. Do NOT Panic!

2. Signal to your co-divers that you are having an issue —> Point to your tank or regulator

3. If one of your co-divers comes to aid, share their regulator, passing it back and forth while slowly making your way to the surface.

Take 1-2 breaths, then pass it back to your mate / instructor. Ascend together, exhaling as you go. Then take another 2 breaths, alternating, until you reach the surface. Experienced divers know and usually carry an extra regulator with them, it is connected to their tank. Only dive with experienced instructors, it’s not worth ruining your holiday and potentially die because you chose someone that asks less money but doesn’t actually know what they are doing!

4. If you can’t see any of your mates or instructor nearby, then makes sure to keep your regulator in your mouth as air may expand in the tank as you swim towards the surface. This might be the difference between #OneLastBreath and getting out from this bad situation alive!

5. Look Straight up so that your airway is as clear as possible!

6. Swim to the surface at a steady pace, don’t go panic and go too fast!

Exhale continuously as you are making your way to the surface. It is very important that you exhale the entire way up, but the rate between the exhales is also very important! Exhale slowly and do not exhaust all your remaining air in the first few seconds of your swim to the surface. As long as you are even slightly exhaling your airway will remain open and air can vent from your lungs.

If you do not exhale continuously, then you risk an aneurysm!
Be Aware

  • Never dive alone
  • Keep an eye on your air pressure and depth gauges regularly
  • Make sure that your mates &/or instructor are within easy signaling/swimming distance
  • Share a regulator in an emergency situation. It is much safer to use your mate’s regulator that panicking and trying to make to the surface in a rush. This is especially vital when you are deeper from the surface. You need to ascend gradually or you will risk permanent brain damage.
  • Always use an alternate air source instead of swimming up quickly, unless you are fewer that 30 ft. (9 meters) from the surface.

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